Digital Trainer Secrets

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₹ 15,000

I want to help coaches and course creators scale their businesses to $100k and beyond by setting up their Digital Products.​


​And the best thing is...

You don't have to invest heavily!

Were you told that you have to use the following to setup the courses?

1) Teachable

2) Email Marketing Tool

3) Zapier

4) Landing Page Tool

The above tools will easily cost you over 300dollars per month but what if I make the process much cheaper saving you tons of money and time!

will you be willing to spend 47dollars per month ( approx 3k ) to setup the best systems for your online courses and earn over 2 Lakhs in return!

Here's the Course Curriculum that Comes with over 60 Lessons and 15+ Hours of content and templates, if you know me very well, I make things super easy to understand with templates, so that you can plug and play and be ready in just few days! There is no upsell in this course, you learn the best tricks and strategies to game up your online selling!

Modules Covered:

1) Niche Discovery Secrets

2) Curriculum Secrets

3) Website Building Secrets

4) Email Marketing Secrets

5) Landing Page Secrets

6) LMS secrets

7) Automation Secrets

8) Webinar Secrets

and more...

Are you Interested?