Kasthuri Manjal / Wild Turmeric

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Kasthuri Manjal/ Wild turmeric is a form of turmeric which is used only for external purpose. It is very fragrant and aromatic and it doesnt give a bright yellow stain, like the normal turmeric powder.

Below are some advantage of kasthuri manjal

*Wild turmeric treats a variety of skin diseases from acne, eczema to insect bites on the skin.
**It has a very good fragrance than the normal turmeric. *
*This Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and natural deodorant which helps in getting rid of body odour and other unwanted bacteria developing in the skin
*Widely used for babies as it minimises the growth of hair all over the body.
*It doesnt stain on the skin and dress like normal Turmeric .

We get the dried Kasthuri manjal and we sun dry it again for 2 days till crisp. Then this is powdered under our supervision in the mill in order to get pure form of Kasthuri Manjal.

Generally this powder is applied while taking bath and washed with green gram flour or mild soap. Do a patch test before using any turmeric powder. If you have a sensitive skin or burning sensation, you can mix with rose water and for dry skin please mix with curd or milk and use this powder. Mixing wild turmeric and coconut oil helps in getting rid of stretch marks and black marks in the skin. Try to avoid using kasthuri manjal during menstruation. See to that the tumeric powder is stored in a airtight container. Take a small quantity and use as and when needed.

You can keep this product for more than 6 months if maintained properly. Make sure you take little for the usage and store the rest in an airtight container. See to that the powder is kept away from any moisture.

Cost of 100gms Pure Kasthuri Manjal is Rs.108 including postage (including postage)

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