Rashtriya Indian Military College- Dehradun- Study Kit

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Rashtriya Indian Military College- Dehradun- Entrance Coaching Offered

We have six months entrance coaching online for aspirants
On analysing the written test result we found the following:-
99 % of the boys who passed in English- Qualified the written test
Majority of the boys failed in all the subjects
Some passed in Maths but failed to make the grade in GK and English
Hence our focus is on ---
Start early- Train Hard and achieve the result
Though we feel one year of training is required to make an above average candidate to come up to the level of Passing this exam, we advice the parents for the same
Who are we?
we are a small group of Retired defence officers who are willing to spare our time to coach those aspirants who we find trainable
We follow a simple procedure to select potential candidates. Administer an IQ Test to find out his present level
Once our Psychologist is satisfied then we move to stage two his level of communication by talking to the aspirants one to one
Finally if we find him fit we will admit them for ONLINE Entrance Coaching

Schedule of Training
Every week three Interactive classes for 2 hours online
At the end of the class, the student will be given home work
Checking and correct wil be done and measures to improve will be given in the next class
Every Saturday they will be given a test to know their progress
Once a month consolidated test will be taken and parents will be informed accordingly
Classes will be from 1700 to 1900 hours starting on Monday, followed by next class on Wednesday and Friday
Test on Saturday (4 days a week)
For more details contact us
Cell No: 78249 20076
Cell No: 84899 44252
Cell No: 94437 20076
email: <rimccoach@gmail.com>
Residential coaching offered at our academy
STUDY MATERIAL ONLY Rs.4000 including Postal Charges
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web site: RIMC- Residential Coaching