Sainik- Military School Aspirants- Skill finder test For Class VI

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Dear parent,
One of the best schools in India that instills a sense of Discipline, Punctuality, and all-round personality development is now doubt is SAINIK SCHOOL.
There are about 35 Sainik Schools in India. They give admission to class VI and IX every year. A few schools have opened admission for Girls in class VI and some for class IX.
The competition to get into these schools is high.
Last year’s entrance exam cut-off mark in one Sainik School was 240/ 300 in class VI
Most of you are aware, that only a planned and early preparation is the only method by which a child gains the confidence to face the entrance examination.
SPEED and ACCURACY is important in any Multiple Choice Types questions based examination.
A candidate gets hardly a minute to solve one problem.
A few kids out of over-enthusiasm mark the wrong answers in Ink, and hence cannot be corrected and would lose the mark, in spite of knowing the RIGHT answer.
Only Constant practice will help a child to perform well in these examinations.
One more aspect, I would like to highlight here is, the uptake of a child depends upon his IQ. (Intelligence Quotient) Staying and any residential School depends on his/her Emotional Quotient.
During the past 20 years of teaching children, I have come to understand that only those kids who have a high IQ shine in these entrance examinations. IQ depends on many factors, which can be developed during a younger age group.
Most of us fall under the Average IQ Group. For such a candidate, the only possible method is to daily practice the entrance exam pattern questions.
DEFENCE ACADEMY COIMBATORE has come out with DAILY Practice Worksheet to help candidates get the required speed and accuracy.
Before we go further let us put the child through a small skill finder test. This will give you a fair idea if he is Average, above average, or below average. Remember our aim is to see that the child scores well above 80%. So the pass mark in the undermentioned test is 75%