With Love - The Circus

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Proudly presenting our third full-length album "With Love"

Tracklist :

  1. Not Yet Dinosaurs
  2. With Love
  3. Discourse! Discourse!
  4. Lions & Wolves
  5. I Don't Care Anymore For You
  6. I'm Bored
  7. Goodbye. We Won't Meet Again.

The Circus is:

Abhishek Bhatia­ Vocals/Synth/FX
Arsh Sharma­ Guitars/Vocals/Synth/Fx
Anshul Lall­ Drums/Synth/FX
Abhinav Chaudhry­ Bass/Synth/FX

Produced By The Circus
Music written By The Circus
Lyrics written By Abhishek Bhatia and Arsh Sharma
Drums Produced and Recorded By Srijan Mahajan at Studio Fuzz
Vocals, Guitars, Bass recorded By Arsh Sharma at Studio Fuzz
Synths/FX Produced by The Circus at Studio Fuzz and Curtain Blue Studios
Mixed by Arsh Sharma at Studio Fuzz
Mastered by Darius Van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering

Lyric Videos Produced By Dhruv Sharma at VHStudios.
Artwork + Design by Nikhil Kaul and Ashish Jose at Pythagoras Design

Arsh Sharma Proudly Endorses Blade Guitars
Anshul Lall Proudly Endorses Meinl Cymbals**

Copyright The Circus.