ECGC PO 2021 Descriptive Paper Book - Precis Writing Book for ECGC PO Exam

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**ECGC PO 2021 Descriptive Paper Book - Precis Writing Book for ECGC PO Exam*******-

This book is highly recommended to ECGC PO Descriptive Exam aspirants who want a series of precis topics for Practice. All expected precis with various topics are covered in it. This book includes 60+ precis writing exercises on various topics as per the Exam. You must prepare from it.
The Descriptive Test of ECGC PO 2021 will include 2 topics, namely
1) Precis writing
2) Essay writing
The total marks designated for ECGC PO Descriptive Test is 40 and you will be given 40 minutes of time to complete this test. Only Precis writing and Essay writing would be asked in the test.

*********Important Details********

These two questions will carry a total of 40 marks, and you will have 40 minutes to attempt these two sections. There will not be any sectional time limit in the exam. All selected candidates for descriptive exam will have to attempt two questions based on Essay writing and precise writing in 40 minutes together.

The exam test would be conducted online, i.e., the candidates will have to type their answers with the help of the keyboard and their typing speed can become the game changer for this exam. If you want to score better in this test, you should have a good hold over sentence structuring in english as well as better typing speed too.

********Important Tips to prepare for Descriptive Paper in ECGC PO Exam******

1) As it is already discussed that the descriptive writing can be the game-changer in ECGC Po Descriptive exam. Those candidates who have a good hold on the writing skills or on the English language section can surely do wonders in this test section.

2) But we can also not deny the fact that your thoughts along with your writing skills will be tested accordingly. You will have to impress the examiner  with your thoughts and writing skills. Your writing must be short as per the word limit prescribed in the exam. It should be crisp and informative too.

3) Also give a thought to the words you are going to write in the examination. Make sure your words and message you are trying to the convey is crystal clear and legible to the reader or examiner. Don't try to write out of the box and try to be specific and choosy while making use of any difficult word or expression.

*****How to prepare Essay Writing for ECGC PO 2021 Descriptive Exam ?*******

1) Essay Writing is nothing but how well you present your thoughts and ideas on a particular topic in a well-structured and good looking manner.

2) It requires imagination and good writing skills for writing an essay. Both these skills are essential as both these factors together will help you present a good essay in the best manner.

3) Gathering of thoughts on a particular topic will not help you if you are not able to present them effectively and efficienty.

4) Likewise, just good writing skills are no good if you are not able to think of innovative and relevant points for the given descriptive topic. Check out some important tips below to score well in the essay writing section of ECGC PO Descriptive Exam

1) Build a daily Reading Habit 

Read any English Newspaper daily - Reading the newspaper will not only strengthen your general knowledge but will give you ideas to be more specific and informative about the topic you asked.

2) Try to Grasp writing skills used in that Newspaper

Start practicing by writing in small paragraphs Practice writing in essay or precis in your own words. Set a limit of words for yourself and write the essay within that word limit.

3) Use of Dictionary to look up the difficult words

Note down Important Vocabulary
Make use of the dictionary to check new words, its usage and meaning and also note down in your notebook separately.

4) Always try 3-4 sentence making with the new word so that you do not forget to use the same in your exams as per the requirement.

5) Try writing at least one or two essays on daily basis 
You just need to pick at least one topic daily from the current news and Start practicing by writing in small paragraphs

6) Try to write about the topic in your own words within the limit prescribed in your exam.
After writing the Essay, you can look for more essays on the topic you have chosen for yourself to get more ideas on the same and note down the important key points.

*Tips to prepare Precis Writing for IB ACIO Tier 2 Descriptive Exam*

*What is Precis Writing?

Precis writing is nothing but summarising a given passage in limited words, covering all the important aspects and details of the passage given.

“Precis denotes a brief, concise, clear and well connected abstract, summary of a given passage”.  Ability to produce a satisfactory precis is very important for many purposes in practical life. Government Officials & Businessman have no time to go through long and unnecessary details; thus a precis is a good tool for saving their valuable time.

So it is necessary for the officials working as secretary or as private secretary to have expertise in the art of precis writing. The candidates are required to write a precis of a given composition. Thus, the art of writing precis helps one to secure good marks in the examinations.


One must keep the following points in mind while writing a precis


It is the soul of a good precis. The precis must not exceed onethird of the length of original passage.


Precis must give a complete idea of the passage. The main idea of the original passage should be presented in the same order in precis writing.


A precis should be clear and lucid, free from any ambiguity or obscurity. In an attempt to shorten the passage, you must take care that the sentences constructed by you are free from any error, like improper use of words.

**Grammatical Accuracy**

A precis must be free from grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation errors etc.

***One-third of total paragraph
***Own words
***Avoid mistakes
***Single Paragraph
***Rules for Good Precis Writing

*For avoiding errors in writing a precis, follow a set of rules as given below*

***Read the passage carefully
***Decide Theme of the Passage
***Brevity and Clarity
***Use Own Language
***Accuracy of the Language
***Avoid Direct Speech and Use Indirect Speech

***********Do’s and Don’ts************

***Start with basic idea
***Include all the important keywords
***Use easy vocabulary
***Do not make assumptions
***Avoid using abbreviations
***Title can be underlined
***Use Statistical data
***Proper Tense usage

*******How to write Good Precis******

There are many important components which make a good precis. For those who have just started their preparation for the upcoming exams, knowing the features of a good precis is extremely useful.

**Should be a summary of the original paragraph
**Covering all important keywords from the original paragraph
**The details in the precis must match in that of paragraph
**Use of linking words such as and, because, therefore, etc.
**Should be precise and clear
**Should be in your own words
**Must be logically connected
**Should have an appropriate title
**Don't use any idiom of your own


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