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## SPEEDY GENERAL SCIENCE BOOK & CAPSULE is Not Same ## [Error Free & No Misprint]
- Capsule is Specially Designed Questions which is Commonly Asked with Theory Bites.
- SPEEDY GENERAL SCIENCE Book is Different. Its Exactly The Copy of Hindi Version, Just Translated in English Version.
Special Features of the Book:
- Theoritical Oneliner (Physics+ Chemistry + Biology)
- Previous Years Questions (1992 - 2017) Uptodate !
- Mock Paper, MCQ & Many More.
- Complete General Science Portion Covered with 100% Sure Success.

Costs of Books:
- Costs of Book: Rs. 240/-
- OFFEER PRICE: Rs. 225/-
- Shipping Charges: Rs. 60 or 120/- (Complete depends on You)

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- 2-3 Business Days or more Via Indian Post / Private Courier (If Service Available)

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