Eashwar Subramanian - Across The River [HQ 24bit Wav]

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Eashwar’ s prolific releases have consistently featured on the top ambient tracks on Sound cloud and have earned him a place among the top breakout ambient artists to have influenced the alternative music scene in 2019.

"Across The River" is a set of abstract pieces that merge melodic interludes with in-harmonic tonalities to create a soundscape that allows the listener to drift on a sonic voyage.

The album begins on a meditative note, and progresses towards a myriad of emotional soundscapes, each of which is reflection of his effort to create a visualization of a simplicity in a world ridden with complexity. originated from random improvisations and rough sketches, Eashwar created with synths, around October 2019. It incorporates a wide spectrum of influences ranging from Tibetan bells, to Middle Eastern duduk’s, suitcase pianos and wavetable synths to create an album that strikes a balance between experimental and traditionalist ambient music.

Across the River features 6 unreleased pieces.

01 Offering At Dawn
02 Constellations
03 Across the River
04 An Ancient Relic
05 Constant Measures
06 Templeway

Credits :
All pieces composed, performed and mixed by Eashwar Subramanian
Mastered by Hozaifa Syed, Waves Kraft Mastering
Album art through Canva by Eashwar