Author Success Mindset Bundle with Bookathon - 30 days Challenge

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Author Success Mindset
- Author Success Mindset Rules
- Book is the Highest form of Energy
- Why Do We Buy Books?
- Why should you write a book?
- What is you "WHY" to write the book?
- What is stopping you to write the book?
- The biggest myth busted?
- Confusion: Fiction Vs Non-Fiction

Book Structure Blueprint

  • How to select the bestselling topic for your book?
  • How to create an easy structure for your book?
  • Good Writing Practices (Do’s & Don’ts)

Book Writing Tools & Tricks

  • Book writing problems
  • Amazing Book writing tools
  • Grammatically Error-Free Writing Tool
  • Book Structure Tool
  • Convert Handwritten paper to Typed Document
  • Write Book without Typing Tool

Selecting The Right Publisher

  • How important are The Publishers
  • Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing

30 Days Secret Book Writing Formula

Bonuses: -

  1. Soft Copy of Book Decoding Fitness by Kailash C Pinjani
  2. Weekly Group Call
  3. Write Book Make Money - Book is a customer winning marketing tool - Book is passive Income - How to use a book to make Money


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