Compendium of Foreign Grant Readymade/Model Projects Under FCRA

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Foreign Funding Projects

(i) You should have FCRA registration for these projects. Grant can be obtained for these projects form the Foreign Funding Agencies or you can get prior permission from Ministry of Home Affairs (FCRA Division) to obtain grants from Foreign Sources.

(iii) You can also use these projects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding.

This package FCRA /CSR Vol - II includes following model projects and other supporting material -


1.Promoting Literacy Youth and Adult Education (USD $ 140000)
2. Accessing Drinking Water to under privileged Tribals and Dalits in 10 Villages of (name of District/State) (USD $ 29,343)
3.Care and Education for Orphan and Poor Children (USD $ 23470)
4.Rehabilitation and prevention of child exploitation of Street Children. (USD $ 49810)
5. Strengthen HIV/AIDS Prevention, Education And Addressing HIV/AIDS Impact In Rural Youth, Women And Orphans And Home Based Care. (USD $ 43666.86)
6. Low cost housing program to poor and needy rural peoples. (USD $ 829,276.25)
7. Socio-economic project for destitute mothers to supplement family income to support children. (USD $ 24,566.19)
8. Common Documentation to all projects, and two Blank Templates for making NGO projects.
9. A list of 650 Foreign Donors with Tel No, E-mail, & Website
10. e-Book of all above projects. Total Pages – 184

All files are in MS Word for editing.
All budget amount is in US $ and INR
List of some suggested donors for each projects.
Links to download software to convert word to pdf and merging all pdf files in to one.
Tutorial file is included to digitally sign the document, file conversion and merging.
Blank FCRA project template.
All projects are almost 90% ready. Remaining part is to be modified according to your NGO, District details, Beneficiary details etc.
Free Excel Template for making Receipts & Payment, Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet of your NGO.
Total Pages - 184

Each project has following components as per its requirement – Introduction, Background, Overview, Vision & Mission, Project Goals & Objectives, Component / Description / Duration of Project, Resources, Capacity, Activities, Specific Activities, Needs and Justification Statement, Sustainability, Proposed Project Area, Action Plan, Outputs, Budget, Sample Photographs, Special Features of Proposal, No of Peoples Benefited, Outputs, Monitoring, Reporting And Evaluation, Co ordination, Expected Results and Conclusion, Organnogram of NGO, Templates for Key Personnel, Banking Information, The Team, and Documentation, and many more.