COVID 19 Emergency Grants Under FCRA/CSR

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CORONA (COronaVIrus & Disease) i.e. COVID 2019 or COVID 19

(i) You should have FCRA registration for these projects. Grant can be obtained for these projects form the Foreign Funding Agencies.
If you don’t have, you can get prior permission from Ministry of Home Affairs (FCRA Division) to obtain grants from Foreign Sources.
(ii) NGO’s from other countries (Other Than Indians) can also apply for funding. We have opened our Android app for worldwide download now. Download from Google play store HERE
(iii) You can also use these projects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding.
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has announced that the funds spent by companies in the prevention and management of COVID-19 would fall within the definition of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations. This would mean a surge in corporate spending in the sector and the work of many NGOs can benefit from this.

This package COVID 19 Emergency Grants Vol - III includes following model projects and other supporting material –
All the projects fall under the category of “Emergency Grants” Hence, do not make your project lengthy.
1. Emergency Support to Vulnerable Groups Facing Corona Crisis (US $ 95,427.42)
2. Support to Frontline Workers and Community Members with Materials and Supplies (US $117,739.32)
3. Awareness Creation among the Community Members Regarding the Safe Practices for Avoiding Covid 19 Infection (US $ 42,092.25)
4. Common Documentation to all projects, and two Blank Templates for making NGO projects.
5. A list of 650 Foreign Donors with Tel No, E-mail, & Website
6. e-Book of all above projects.

● All files are in MS Word for editing.
● All budget amount is in US $ and INR
● List of some suggested donors.
● Links to download software to convert word to pdf and merging all pdf files in to one.
Tutorial file is included to digitally sign the document, file conversion and merging.
Blank FCRA project template.
● All projects are almost ready.
● Time required to complete all three projects is 20 minutes only.
● Free Excel Template for making Receipts & Payment, Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet of your NGO.
● Complete e-Book of Covid19 Emergency Grant Projects – Pages 138

All these are available at Rs 3600/- only. At a cost less than typing expenses.

Note – After payment, you will receive a download link on your email along with receipt of your payment from Click only once on the Download Button provided in your mail.