3 Days Sound 💚 Healing🧘‍♂️ with Samantha Bora 👩

₹ 99

Sound Healing

✅ Reduces Stress and Anxiety

✅ Activates and Balances Chakras

✅ Discover Who You Are

3 Days Sound 💚 Healing 🧘‍♂️ by Samantha Bora 👩
Dates- 1- 3 Nov 2022
Timings- 9pm-10pm
Venue- Comfort of your home as it's Online Zoom Meetings
(Recording will be provided with 3 days access @ 11pm everyday)

✅Day -1 7 Chakras Meditation

✅Day- 2 White Light Healing Meditation🧘‍♀️
Get Relief from Physical & Emotional Pain Blockages

✅Day -3 Nadopasana- Each cell will be vibrating
@ a Higher Frequency

It will be an Amazing Experience which will bring
✔ Pure Bliss,
✔ Deep state of Relaxation,
✔ Inner Peace
and each of your cells will be Vibrating @ a higher FREQUENCY.

Change Your Frequency
Change Your Life🌻

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where all the details like Zoom Id etc. will be shared.
Session is in English language

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