Speak & Grow Membership.

₹ 9,999₹ 2,999

Learning Centre

Learn Public Speaking from 21 days quest.
Learn the 4 step method of Public Speaking
Learn how to make videos to build social media credibility
E-Learning business start-up workshop
Access to 17 online courses (3 Long, 11 Mini & 3 Short online course)
Access to monthly live training

Practice Centre

Access to Speak & Grow closed Facebook community group
Practice on Speak & Grow Communication League
Participate among 10,000+ like-minded people
Monthly Live Q&A session

Implementation Centre

Access to Speak & Grow Freedom Program
Monthly 2 live training sessions:
1. 90 Min session for those who have just nominated themselves.
2. 2 hours training session for those who have started conducting training sessions.