BPMS Tracing Course (in Hindi)

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Note: This tracing is applicable for version of BPMS before 31st March 2021.

Content of BPMS Tracing Course:
1.B P M S and TP Client Introduction.
2.How to Download TP Client from BPMS portal.
3.How to Install BPMS TP Client.
4.How to Enter Project Details in BPMS TP Client.
5.AutoCAD Settings for BPMS TP Client.
6.BPMS TP Client Complete Tracing.
7.How Upload Building Permission Case at BPMS MahaVastu Portal.
8.How to Solve All BPMS TP Client Problem.
9.BPMS TP Client FAQ Answered by Er. Suraj Laghe.
10.Earning from BPMS TP Client Tracing Business.

Additional: DCPR TP Client rules (Maharashtra Building Bye Laws)