Ecoo - Portable Solar Oven/Cooker for Hiking, Trekking, Picnic and Learning Science

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₹ 999

Summer is here and so is the holiday season. With plenty of time at hands, why not give our little mischief creators a task they will find interesting, challenging and at the same time educating.

Introducing Ecoo - a unique solar cooker that combines the wonder of a toy and power of a scientific gadget..

It is ultra compact, shatter proof, totally safe and above all simple enough for children to understand the fundamentals of harnessing Solar Energy.

Gift your children a magical experience of baking their own Cakes or cooking Noodles this holiday season and watch how the hidden creative Chef or an inquisitive Scientist pops out to surprise you.

Capacity: 500 ml, Material: Shatterproof Polymer Body & Stainless Steel Utensil, Weight: 400 g
Uses: Scientific Toy, Solar Cooker, Solar Water Pasteurizer, Solar Dehydrator, Solar Baker, Travel Cooker

Things to Cook: Noodles, Pasta, Cake, Cookies, Soup, Rice, Khichadi, Poha, Dhokla, etc

USP: Fits in your back pack and can boil Eggs, Potatoes & all green vegetables without water and can be carried while on Trek, Picnic, Hiking or leisure travel.

Traits Developed: Kindles Imagination, Inculcates Scientific Reasoning, Challenges Assumptions, Inspires Sharing

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