Ecoo Pro - Portable Solar Cooker for Boiling, Baking & Roasting anywhere under the Sun

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₹ 2,750

If you always wanted to cook with Sun, but never found the right blend of performance, convenience and price, Ecoo Pro will delight you.

A simple, elegant and compact Solar Cooker that folds down to fit in your backpack, Ecoo can not just boil any food but is also powerful enough to Bake Cakes or Breads.

Equipped with a Reflector and 2 Utensils of 1 ltr each accompanied with proprietary insulators, every component of Ecoo Pro is shatterproof and designed for a long service life at an unbeatable price.

Cook Dal & Rice for your lunch, roast Nuts or seeds, boil soup or prepare ghee or even bake your own Solar Cake... Ecoo will amaze you with its healthiest yet easiest mode of cooking

Folded Size – 600x300x15 mm
Open Size – 600x600x450 mm
Weight – 0.9 kg
Utensil Capacity – 2 x 1 ltr each

Reflector – Recycled Polymer
Utensils – Anodised Aluminium
Insulator – UV stabilized Polymer

Cooking Time (in good clear Sun)
1.5 kg Rice (including water) – 2 hr
1 Loaf of Bread – 1.5 hr
0.5 kg Cake – 1.5 hr
300 g Nuts/Seeds – 2 hr