SUNWINGS - The Healthiest Way to Cook for Your Family

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₹ 18,900

Introducing SUNWINGS - a state of the art solar cooker that not only is the fastest in the world but also the only one to cook after sunset.

It's unique heat storage and superior insulation helps SUNWINGS build a 360 degree temperature profile that ensures that you can bake and barbecue like a Pro. Of course You can also boil, roast and steam all the recipes without any hassles.

But perhaps the most intriguing feature of SUNWINGS is that although it cooks at the speed of the Gas, the cooking temperatures are very low and hence it retains the natural flavors and nutrients in the food that is being cooked. Thus, SUNWINGS provides the healthiest way to cook the food.

The low temperatures also makes it possible to boil all vegetables and even eggs and chicken without a single drop of water.

SUNWINGS can easily replace 6 cylinders every year or replace 8.4 tons of fuel wood in its lifetime and reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual amount sequestered by 110 fully grown trees.

Following are the product specs:

Size: 1 x 0.4 x 0.45 m
Utensil Capacity: 3x 1 liter each
Weight: 15 kg (wheel mounted)
Warm up time: 1-1.5 hr

Cooking time (once heated up)
Boiling: 30-40 minutes for Dal, Rice and Vegetable simultaneously
Baking: 20 minutes for 1 kg Cake or 1 kg Bread
Roasting: 40 minutes for 1 kg Peanuts

Thermal Backup - 3 hours (cooking time), 5 hours (stays warm)

Check this video to see SUNWINGS in action