Landscape sustainability

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The term landscape is often assumed to be an eco-friendly aspect of any project or development. But it is not always the case. Several conventional landscape practices have an adverse impact on the environment!

A thoughtfully designed landscape can connect your building project to several ecosystem services - like harvesting water, restoring biodiversity, preventing urban heat island and shading the building facade to name a few.

In this course, you will understand about green roof and wall along with interesting examples. Identify criteria to assess sustainability in your landscape project. Learn about the benchmarks to measure the sustainability quotient of landscape design. Gain valuable insight about the SITES rating system for sustainable landscapes and how it relates to LEED.

Our course content is concise, to-the-point, with practical applications designed as byte-sized video modules. This is exactly what you need for professional development!

What do you get in this course series?
- 3 courses
- 13 video lectures
- 144 minutes of content
- 30 MCQs
- 2 GBCI CE hours to report towards your LEED credentials
- Certificate of completion

This series includes the following courses:

Sustainability through landscape design
Use landscape strategies to enhance green building performance and improve indoor environmental quality

Benchmarks for landscape sustainability: Examining LEED and SITES
Use LEED and SITES criteria for planning sustainable softscape and water-efficient landscapes

Green Walls and Green Roofs- Techniques and Applications
Incorporate appropriate green wall and roof systems into your project

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