Passive Solar Design

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Passive design strategies are features innate to the form and design of a building that channelizes available natural resources to ensure thermal comfort. Climate and solar responsive buildings harness the natural resources and hence use significantly less energy for heating and cooling the interiors. Such buildings have very low energy demand and are on the path to achieve the Net Zero Energy Goal.

This series of 9 courses will cover important and relevant topics on climate concepts, solar geometry, psychrometry fundamentals for building design, cool roof, passive design principles and cooling techniques. The course on early design facade analysis and kinetic facades will give further insights into projects and possibilities of design outcomes.

If you are familiar with these topics, this is the refresher you are looking for.

This content has been designed with a focus on the application in the real world. The course content is concise, to-the-point, with practical applications designed as byte-sized video modules. This is exactly what you need for your continuing professional development!

What do you get in this course series?
- 9 courses
- 62 video lectures
- 556 minutes of content
- 100 MCQs
- 9 GBCI CE hours to report towards your LEED credentials
- Certificate of completion

This series includes the following courses:
Understanding Climate
This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools that you can use to identify climate responsive design strategies. You will learn about climate variables, using weather files, using Climate Consultant and some advanced tools like the weather morphing tool, etc

Psychrometry and Green buildings
Learn to use the psychrometric chart as a design tool to identify the passive strategies for green buildings during early design stage.

Passive Solar Design Series - Understanding Sun
This course will get you started with solar geometry and showcase application in design. You will learn how to interpret and apply sunpath diagrams.

Passive Solar Design Series - Shading Mask
Learn how to read shading mask diagrams. Make diagrams for your own project using software tools or using a simple DIY tool demonstrated in this course.

Passive Solar Design Series - Passive Design Principles
Learn how passive design principles can be used to reduce the building the cooling demand and dependency on mechanical systems.

Passive Solar Design Series - Passive Cooling Techniques
This course will cover many passive cooling techniques as applicable to buildings in hot climate along with many interesting examples showing the application of these techniques.

Cool roof for green building
A cool roof works on the principle of reflecting solar radiation, hence minimizing heat transfer to the interior of the building through the roof. This is a simple and effective strategy to reduce cooling energy consumption. Cool roofs are also known for their benefit towards mitigating urban heat island effect.

Early design facade analysis - project showcase
This course walks you through the iterative design approach, passive design strategies implemented and lessons learnt in a live project example.

Introduction to kinetic facades
This course will help you understand how to identify what kinetic facades are and the iterative design process that is required to design such facades.

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