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This is how entrepreneurs have used this service since 2015

This 60 minute is worth Rs 7000, so use it wisely!

👉Is my lead generation strategy correct?
👉What should be my go-to-market strategies?
👉How to price my product?
👉How to strategize B2B sales?
👉Am I using all the lead generation channels?


👉Should I even startup?

I am Karmeish Ghosh, a sales guy and a sales strategist since 2001. I have been selling for a living since then.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs, founders and introvert techies with proven and result-oriented strategies.

If you want to brainstorm and get cold water on your face, go ahead and set up the call with me

You can find me on LinkedIn, Quora, Medium and Twitter.
My website is karmaworks.co