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The Indian BPO Industry is one of the sunshine sectors grossing over $40bn in exports last year. Employs more than 50 lac people and contributes immensely to the national economy.

Are you a BPO entrepreneur looking to grow your existing BPO? Or are you thinking of starting a BPO company?

Karmesh Ghosh heads the BPO division at JSW and has helped scale 20X in 4 years; created 1000s of jobs for women and youth in small towns. With close 20 years in BPO sales, he has been helping entrepreneurs with strategies, tactics and best practices to start and grow a BPO business.


Are you thinking?

❓ I don’t know where to get my first clients
❓ I am scared of consultants and brokers, trying to cheat me
❓ Can I get lucrative US clients or should I focus on domestic business?
❓ Should I start a voice or a non voice BPO
❓ Which industries should I target to get business
❓ I want to really run a profitable business and generate lot of jobs but HOW???

Read this guide to

🚀 How to get your first set of BPO customers
🚀 How to be a self reliant avoiding so called consultants in the
market today
🚀 Build a predictable sales pipeline of leads and customers
🚀How to leave behind a legacy with your business
🚀 How to run BPOs in small towns but get business from overseas