Intention Ceremony 2023 (Recording)

₹ 2,399

A Magical yearly Ceremony that many Synchroshakti academy students credit for the powerful energy with which they walk into the year and achieve wonderful things, the Intention Ceremony is a famous 4 hour yearly event we host within Synchroshakti academy, where we collectively as a group shed the past, be reborn into the magic of this moment, define the future we would love to experience, do fun and joyful positive rituals to bring those dreams to life and learn to surrender and allow that magic to come into our lives.

These processes and exercises are powerful, guided by me, Kartika, and have had profound effects on us all.

Join us for this 4 hours of deep inner work and transformation to bring your best foot forward into 2023 :)

There are a few items to bring with you to the ceremony, which you will learn more about once you enroll for the event and access the material and live link for the class.

This years curriculum for the ceremony will be a blend of midyear intention ceremony as well as new powerful exercises to align your energy to the receive the blessings that are rightfully yours.