Law of Creation Course (INR 9999 + 18% GST)

₹ 11,799

A one stop destination for all my Manifestation content!

You want to learn how to manifest all the stuff you wanted.
Here you will learn how to do that, in a systematic form, with the right info, exercises, and consistency building homework and Facebook support group to help you create your reality.

Here you learn:

1. Spiritual laws of manifestation
2. The practical laws of manifestation
3. Techniques of releasing your blocks
4. Techniques of re-programming your mind to a new mind
5. Magnetizing your energy for success.

In the course you have:

1. Short video lessons
2. Workbook work station
3. Guided meditations
4. Quizzes
5. Facebook support group.

This course has information compiled from 12 years of my indepth studies, application and results in the field of creation, some you may have mentioned me talk about before, and some you may have never heard of, however this course is intended to be a complete compilation of all the important stuff, so you can begin applying it into your life immediately and seeing your life shift everyday.

See you there!