Magic Manifestation 21 Day Bootcamp

₹ 11,799

31 hours (including 21 hours of the bootcamp and sessions of the success vault) of hands down the best and the most information packed manifestation practical guide for wealth, health, career, exam and healing relationships success ever.
Sessions taken from MMMC November batch + amazing bonuses.

-Wake Up To High Vibe Mornings!
-Gain Crystal Clarity On What You Want To Manifest
-Know How To Act “As If” You Already Have It

-Reprogram Yourself To Attract Daily Success And Miracles
-Say Goodbye To Procrastination & Fear Of Failure And Fear Of Success
-Achieve Elevated & High States Of Emotions Everyday
-Easily Release Low Negative Emotions & Fears
-Learn To Trust And Enjoy The Unknown
-Develop High Belief And Faith
-Fall In Love With Yourself & The Universe
-Know How To Respond Positively & Change Any Situation
-Make Abundance Your Default State
-Learn To Have A High Vibration Throughout The Day

+Lifetime Access 21 Powerful Guided Manifestation 1 Hour + daily sessions consumed over 21 days (Value INR 31000/ $429)
​+Lifetime Access to The "Tree Method" Ebook written by Kartika Nair (Value INR 1000/$14)
+​Lifetime Access to the Magic Bootcamp Workbook (Value INR 1000/$14)
+​Lifetime Access to the MMMC Success Vault (Value INR 5999/$79)
+​Lifetime Access to The MMMC Official Facebook Community ( Value INR 9999/$139)

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