The Intention Ceremony - REPLAY ACCESS LIFETIME (INR 599 + 18% GST)

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The Intention Ceremony - Live event
Walk into 2021 with the most aligned and perfect energy to make it the most successful and happy year yet!

Hi and welcome to the Intention Ceremony, 2021!!

It is that time of the year, with the new year starting we get to choose the way we show up in the new year! We get to choose our thoughts, energy, what we take with us into the next year and what we leave behind. The Intention ceremony has been tradition I have followed for many years which has created lasting and increasing success every year in every area of my life as well as the lives of many who attended this before and it will in your life too!

What is it? : It is a 4:30 hour inner work ceremony that aligns your energy to the highest vibration to rock 2021.

When is it? : 2nd of Jan, 2021

What are the timings? : 5 am to 8:30 am IST

​Is there a replay?: Yes a replay will be uploaded in the following chapters

​Is it online?: Yes! It is via zoom webinar platform.

What to bring with you!

2 pens
5 candles (optional)
5 seeds (optional)
A container/pot with earth mud
Water bottle
Looking forward to seeing you in the event!