The Manifest Daily Triad 19999 +18% GST- MMMC September, October & December Batch sessions.

₹ 23,599

3 Months of practical law of attraction guided classes, can do a lot to you!

  1. It cuts off the guess work and saves a lot of time trying to figure out how to manifest everyday.
  2. It puts you in a great vibration everyday to receive your creations
  3. You just need to sit back and do the class work, once a day.
  4. Your brain, your energy and your life gets rewired over 3 months.
  5. Miracles and alignment becomes a lifestyle :) so no more victimhood!

What happens in these 3 months?

1.You get lifetime access to September, October and December Batches of our famous MMMC program.
2.That is 63 Hours of guidance you have access to for life!
3.You will never need to study a course on manifestation again.
4.This is a self paced course.
5.Each of these batches gives you something unique! While some of the basics remain to help you master them.

What's Unique in these batches?

All these batches delivered brilliant results for our students,
however they each had a specific focus.

--December batch: This batch focused on manifesting
through music/songs we wrote together. It also
focused on maintaining a higher vibration all through the day
and in-depth self love work.

--October batch: This batch focused on healing
through ho'oponopono and increasing your

--September batch: This batch teaches
you how to convert manifestation
into a fun daily game. Where we
created fun quests, hero's' character,
villains and overcoming them.

What's more?

In addition to the 3 months of sessions,
you also get lifetime access to our Exclusive
Synchroshakti Academy Telegram group.
This is a private group that only students
of our higher end courses get access to.

Whats awesome about this group?

  1. You learn a lot!! Cause we coach
    there everyday, by answering student
    questions on making life the best
    version it can be!

  2. You gain additional tips, tools, techniques
    to compliment your current practices.

  3. You gain a community and a circle
    of influence of high achievers and
    a great support system.

  4. One place to ask any questions under the sun!

  5. A place to find accountability,
    to keep yourself consistent in your

This bundle is being currently offered at a discount.

Such a guided, detailed and long term program outside would cost you,
anywhere from 2000$-5000$ ( INR 1.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs)

However because of our dedication to make it easy
for everyone, we have given it at a significant discount :)

There is a 30 day Money back guarantee from the
date of purchase. So nothing to lose, everything
to gain!

Ready for 3 amazing months of your life?

Join the Manifest Daily Triad Today! :)