"Visiting The Future" Guided Visualization Meditation (INR 350+ 18% GST)

₹ 413

Visualization, a key element in creation! But it's not vision alone that makes you a magnet, but the elevated emotions underneath the vision that causes the attraction process to blossom.

Here is a 30 minute "Visit Your Future" guided meditation that allows you to go deep into the vision of your future and bring up the feelings and increase your vibration brilliantly!

You can download it onto your computer or phone as well, and listen to it everyday and practice along with it before bed, this will settle into your subconscious mind and set the creation process in motion as you sleep.

Don't spend time and money on people who predict your future,
instead invest in creating your future!

The power of visualization, with elevated emotion, for 30 minute a day, is well known to produce big changes in all areas of a person, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, so use this to your benefit!