Automatic Hand Sanitizer (5L capacity)

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₹ 5,570

During ongoing COVID-19 Corona Virus crisis all offices, factories, hospitals and homes, etc. want to keep people safe. SYSTELLAR manufactures fully automatic Hand Sanitizers in 5L capacity. The user has to simply place their hands in front of the mist nozzle. The sanitizer machine detects user’s hands using InfraRed sensor and automatically dispenses sanitizer liquid and provides complete protection against Coronavirus.

Salient Features:
IR Sensor Based Contactless design
Self-priming pump. Just fill the sanitizer and start using
High Quality pump for long life
Mist Nozzle dispenser for complete hand coverage
Leakage proof design with solenoid valve
24V DC Power Supply for safety
Robust thermocol & corrugated packing for safe transport
1 Year warranty
Available Size: 5L