Kundali matching by name and date of birth: Get a profound view of your future


Free kundali matching is the preliminary process that held before the marriage which occur between the couple. If the horoscope of the bride match with the groom that marriage should be considered rather not, you can get the report by kundali matching process. Because marriage is the combination of two unknown souls among with their family members kundali match helps to pull out all the obstacles from your future wedding life.

Kundali matching follows the ashtakoota method where all the guna of bride and groom should be checked. By checking their horoscope, it considered that rather the stars have positive or negative signs for marriage. Free kundali matching helps you to remove all the problems from your natal chart and provide you a compatible match for marriage.

Kundali matching for marriage

There are many entities but it is mostly required that the bond between the two entities should be highly enduring for a successful marriage. Kundali matching for marriage is the key process where all the aspects and probability of marriage should be checked in terms of sexuality, ability to birth kids and a happy married life. Kundali matching is the ancient process where the compatibility of bride and groom checked either any dosha in their kundali that creates problem in the wedding life of the couple and the snapshot or the planetary position gives the accurate data in the meantime of kundali match .

Data required for kundali matching

There are many processes for kundali matching , by any kind of data you can match your kundali and find your compatible partner. There are two type of name one is the name according to your horoscope or kundali and another one given by family members or parents. Kundali matching by name is the process where you can match your kundali according to your birth name and get your personalized report by solving all the problems in your future life.
According to the date of birth of bride and groom you can also match your kundali where most necessary thing is your date of birth. By checking all the position of heavenly bodies in the time of your birth comparison or matching between them are started and the process is called as kundali matching by date of birth .

Guna milan for marriage

Free kundali matching is the process where all the 36 guna match between bride and groom. As much the guna match and the score of kundali match is 18 or more than 18, then marriage can be considered rather no possibility of marriage occur between them. According to the Astakoota and Dashakoota method 8 aspect of guna are match in between the couple and which shows the review of their marriage. The following 8 methods are discussed below.
• Varna:- It indicates the nonsecular compatibly between bride and groom. It is divided in to 4 parts. Bramhin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and here the most comparision happen between the ego level of both couple.
• Vashya:- It helps to determine the domination and controlling nature among each other. It is divided in to 5 types. Manav, Vanchar, Chatushpad, Jalchar and Jalchar keet.
• Tara:- Here the position of stars in the birth time of bride and groom checked. 9 stars are checked in the time of kundali matching . Janma, Sampat, Vipata, Kshom, Pratyari, Sadhak, Vadh, Mitra and Ati Mitra.
• Yoni:- Sexual compatibility are checked in between the bride and groom. There are 14 character that match with the 14 different animal. Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer, Monkey, Lion, Mongoose.
• Grahamaitri:- Here behavioural pattern, mental connection, friendly nature are checked between them. It is observed by 7 planets. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.
• Gana:- It shows the behaviour and attitude of a person. There are 3 type of guna. Dev guna, Nar guna, Rakshas guna.
• Bhakoot:- It foretells the financial state and family welfare after the marriage happens. It shows the success, career welfare, happiness in your life.
• Nadi:- It is the most hilarious dosha look among many of the people. Where the health problem, child birth problem and the many personal problems are shown.

Online kundali matching for marriage

Online kundali matching is a process where you can match your kundali by providing some birth details online to our astrologer. Online kundali match follows the Ashtakoota method and the vedic ancient process, where all the 36 guna are matched in the significant way. Though kundali matching is the necessary process and now people do not have that much time to understand each other before marriage, so online kundali match helps you to find your perfect soulmate for your future wedding life. You can also find the report of kundali matching online by detecting all the dosha problem in your natal chart.
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