Concepts & Ad Strategies

₹ 499

The way you do marketing and conceptualize your funnel, will grow your online business.

This Rs 499 Tripwire gives you the following set of videos:

1.) How Sales Funnels Work - Basic to Advanced Concept

2.) 5 Daily-Life Examples of Sales Funnels

3.) Our upcoming Software Sales Funnel of $56,000 in 1 week

4.) Our upcoming Massive Course Launch Sales Funnel of 1 Cr in the next 12 months

5.) The first step towards your transformation through Communication Hacks

6.) Perfect Landing Page Creation for maximum conversions

7.) 4 Essentials of an Online Business

8.) Concept of Email Marketing and CRM's

9.) Creating no brainer offers & ideal customer avatar

10.) Webinars and High-Quality Lead Generation

11.) Copywriting Basics

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