7 Highly Effective Job Search Techniques & How to Tackle Frustration During Job Search[Instant Download]

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Lessons You Will Learn from this Book:-
✔ 7 Job Search Techniques That Hardly Anyone Knows About
✔ Help Job Seekers and Aware them about some Smart ways to Get Job Offers
✔ How to Leverage LinkedIn for Job Search
✔ How to Use Google Search to get Job offers
✔ Angel List ( Get Your First Job in a Startup)
✔ Facebook Groups ( The Underdog Platform to use for Job Search)
✔ Reddit ( Using the Front Page of Internet for Ultimate Jobs)
✔ We Work Remotely ( Welcome to 21st Century)
✔ Proven Steps to Tackle Frustration and How to Stay Patient During Job Search
✔ Ultimate Resources for Skill Development( All Udemy Paid Courses for Free Legal Way & more)
✔ Networking and making valuable Relationships with Professionals via LinkedIn
✔ Adjusting your Resume for the ATS ( The New Recruitment System Modern companies Use)

Some Reviews:-

"This Ebook is an Absolute Gem for all the Job Seekers Out there. I was really frustrated by doing continuous Job Search and came Across this Book. I followed some of the strategies this book mentioned and I was blown away by the opportunities we have outside. I don't usually read books, but this one really helped me" - Anshuj Dwivedi

"I Bought This Book After Reading a great answer on Quora. This book has some nice actionable steps for all the job seekers. One thing I also liked that Hack to get Paid Udemy Courses for Free. Used some paid courses. This book is a must for all Job Seekers. I don't know why not many people are talking about this book. A must for all Indian Job Seekers"- Lokesh Soni

I have included a Bonus Chapter regarding the new ATS System, that many recruiters have started using. I have included some tips and tricks to build your resume according to ATS so that your resume doesn't get rejected by the system.

You should not miss this Chapter. This Chapter can prove as a lifesaver for your career. You can always thank me later :)

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