Art and Culture - IAS UPSC Group 1 Study Material(Inclusive of Tax)

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Indian Art and Culture Made Easy with New Learning techniques - Keywords, One Liner Approach, Images and Mnemonics. All the questions were directly or indirectly covered in IAS UPSC prelims and mains 2015, 2016 and 2017 --- 100% Success Rate. Each and every part of the syllabus is presented with Images and One Liner Approach.

One Stop Solution for Indian Art and Culture preparation with Images and one Liner Approach for all competitive exams

Content: [396 Pages]
1. Cave Architecture
2. Stupa Architecture
3. Temple Architecture
4. Temple Architecture in South India
5. Indo-Islamic Architecture
6. Colonial Architecture
7. Architecture of Indus Valley Civilization
8. Architecture of Vedic Age
9. Cultural conditions in Gupta Age
10. Cultural achievements of Sungas
11. Cultural achievements of Kushans
12. Cultural contribution of South Indian Dynasties
13. Satavahanas – Contribution to Indian Art and Culture
14. Pallavas – Contribution to Indian Art and Culture
15. Chalukyas – Contribution to Indian Art and Culture
16. Cholas – Contribution to Indian Art and Culture
17. Cultural Contribution of Vijayanagara Empire
18. Sangam Age
19. Rajputs – Contribution to Indian Art and Culture
20. Rashtrakutas – Contribution to Indian Art and Culture
21. Indo-Islamic Culture
22. Cultural Contribution of Mughal Empire
23. Bhakti Movement
24. Sufism
25. Indian Philosophy
26. Indian Crafts
27. Handicrafts of India
28. Dances
29. Folk Dances
30. Indian Theatre
31. Indian Literature
32. Indian Music
33. Indian Paintings
34. Indian Puppetry
35. Fairs and Festivals
36. Sculpture