Tequity - Techno Fundamental Analysis

₹ 10,000

Course Contents:

Risk Management and risk profiling

Financial statement analysis in depth: Price: Earnings per share, Price:Book value per share, Enterprise Value:EBITDA

Valuation ratios and their significance: Price:Earnings, Price:Book Value, Enterprise Value:EBITDA. Applicability of these ratios in suitable sectors / companies

Valuation methods: Discounted cashflow, Relative valuation & Sum of the Parts

Approaches to investing: Top-down vs. Bottom-up approach. Specific discussion about when to use which approach

Tools to be used while taking investment decisions

Practical aspects of stock investing: How to analyse daily data from NSE (Bulk deal / block deal, FII / DII figures, delivery percentage of specific scrips, etc

Value Investing vs. Momentum: How to strike a balance between value and momentum, How to maximise returns in limited capital