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Tire Backpack

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This backpack is made from old tires! Instead of wasting in a landfill, these tires find new life as something useful and beautiful. They are strong and water resistant, and they reduce dependency on the production of new fabrics and leather! Not only that, but did you know for every 1lb of rubber that is burnt, we release 1.7lb of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? Upcycling helps put a dent in that number! Plus, the people who make these bags are giving skills training and fair wages to village artisans, and have a strict policy against child labor. That's huge impact from just a bag!

Note: As with all upcycled items, your bag may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture, but the overall color and design will be the same!

Contents: 1 backpack made from upcycled tires

Product specs-
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Dimensions: 18” X 13” X 6”