DIY Jigsaw puzzle kit

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₹ 499

Jigsaw making has never been so much fun! How about having your child create the jigsaw first and then assemble it?

It has been our endeavour to get children to use their hands, to cultivate a culture of them becoming makers. There is nothing more satisfying that creating and building with one's very own hands. Our kits are designed to not just fuel creativity. They also -
Encourage self expression
Enhance lateral thinking
Increase dexterity
Improve hand eye coordination

Our DIY Jigsaw kit comes with everything needed to create the jigsaw! It contains:

16 pieces of high quality, high precision MDF, pre primed, ready to paint on!
A pencil for sketching out designs
A box of crayons for filling in colour
(This versatile base can also take any other medium such as paint, preferably acrylic paint)
An instruction sheet

This is suitable for 3 years and above. This is a lot of fun for adults too!

INR 499 (inclusive of GST)