Covid killer Reusable Face Mask (Pack of 2)

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    ₹ 600

    Tested by a US-based A2LA ISO 17025 certified laboratory, Thermaissance fabrics have been proven to kill >93% coronavirus (human coronavirus) in less than 5 mins, and kill >99.99% in less than an hour. The testing was performed as per the actual ISO approved standard for testing anti-viral activity (ISO 18184). We have launched 2- layer Covid-19 killer mask that is solely made from such smart fabrics. The masks are also anti-bacterial and have been proven to kill over 99% of various bacteria including Staphylococcus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae.

    Below are the key features of our mask:

    ► Anti viral - kills >99.99% coronavirus in less than 1 hr

    ► Anti bacterial - kills over 99% of various bacteria

    ► Smart fabric to provide coolness to wearer

    ► Anti bacterial efficacy lasts upto 60+ industrial washes (equivalent to 100+ machine wash / 150+ gentle wash)

    ► Anti fungal

    ► Super Breathable - 2 layer masks has breathability of 26 pa/cm2

    ► No skin irritation (pH neutral)

    ► High piling resistance (no lint formation)

    ► No bacteria growth even after 60 industrial washes

    ► Environment friendly on account of zero plastic usage

    *Note that the product is not returnable due to hygiene concerns

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