Medi-Suit for Dialysis Patients

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₹ 8,000

Medi-Suit for Dialysis Patients comes with jacket and pants and has following features:

  1. Medi-suit is made of smart fabric that reacts to environmental conditions and adjusts its resistance – thus in colder environments like dialysis centers, it helps to maintain body temperature

  2. Medi-suit is sweat absorbent and is comfortable to wear in tropical climate like that in India

  3. The zippers are strategically placed on the central lines and provides easy accessibility to various port areas (fistula, arm, permanent catheter, abdominal area, femoral)

  4. It is treated with anti-bacterial properties (silver nanoparticles) and hence reduces the risk of cross-infections

  5. The anti-bacterial efficacy remains for more than 100 washes and the suit has a long life

  6. Medi-suit does not need special handling, and can be hand-washed / machine-washed