Tere Bina - Saby Singh // Single

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The reckless pursuit of pushing ourselves, this internal need to belong and an innate desire to be loved makes us do things which we are not. It takes a hard blow behind the head to make us understand the difference between the idea of a certain emotion and the absolute experience of the feeling.
The mirror event years ago was one of those hits.


We ask so much of people, ‘demand’ their attention, always seek approvals, acknowledgments drive our reasons, but all of this stands on very fragile ground. It shatters at the brink of rejection. It does!
What I have learned is that I need love, everybody needs love and there is nothing bad or immoral in asking for it. I ask for love all the time, but who do I ask it from?
Who should I ask this love from? Who is my ‘soul-mate’, my partner, my ‘better half’, my family, my caretaker, my parent, my friend, an unconditional lover, who?
It took me ages to figure out that I knew the person all along, just never looked under my clothes. It is me!

The Beginning of a Long Unwinding Love Affair

You need to fall in love with yourself, have an absolute understanding of what it really means to love yourself. It of course starts from practicing saying words in front of the mirror to the day when you just know it; when you don't need any words or actions anymore to justify or prove it. You just know!

I am in absolute awe of myself. I love who I am, I love how flawed I am, I love how crooked my laugh is when I am in the mood, I love how stupid I become in front of my friends, I adore my nursery jokes, I love myself! I celebrate my uniqueness.

Here I present Tere Bina - the song that helped me fall in love with myself.