Yaad Hai - Saby Singh // Single

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I wrote 'Yaad Hai' back in 2016 and it was one of those songs which were just lying around. Somehow I would end up playing the song every time I found the space. This is one of those songs that just exists!

I thought of breaking into the production scene with 'Yaad Hai'. Been experimenting and producing stuff for a very long time and 'Yaad Hai' is a consequence of being relentless and wanting to do it on your own.

Somehow it is very hard to translate how you want to sound to a producer and arrival at creative differences is a given, so here we are.

'Yaad Hai' is a post-breakup song where you spend most of the time reminding your other half of how things were - a fragile, deprived effort of arousing something in her/him, but you know it is all in vain.

Somewhere deep inside, it is hard letting go and you just want to preserve a piece of who you were and how it felt. And to a certain extent, it is alright. As humans we tend to take ourselves to seriously, try to live by a lot of rules, sometimes all you need to do is just feel what you are going through.

'Yaad Hai' is my attempt at trying to encapsulate who I was back in 2016.

saari baatein
saari ki saari baatein
yaad hai?

ungliyon pe guzaari
sard raatein
yaad hai?

wo bistaron ko
khiska ke leke jaana
jahaan se chaand ho nazar
yaad hai?

phir subah ki pehli kiran ka aana
mujhe yoon neend se jagaana
yaad hai?

Written & Performed by Saby Singh
Produced & Mixed by Saby Singh
Mastered by Dub Sharma