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'Yahaan' talks about existentialism. It is a detailed summary of mental health issues and the consequences of the same. Saby writes about his personal experiences and how big a role these events play in contributing to various mental health issues.

Born in a small village in Kashmir, India and raised in a Sikh family, Saby Singh derives his roots from traditional and classical art. Trained in Hindustani Shastirya Sangeet and Western Classical, he keeps his songwriting simple and story-telling his focus. His songs have been described as minimal, emotionally moving and traditionally unconventional.

Saby writes about existentialism, quarter-life and identity crisis. His unorthodox use of acoustic guitar and a free-flowing playing gives him his distinct sonic atmosphere. He uses a lot of poetic devices to submerge the listener into his performances. The lyrics are very open-ended, therefore, varied interpretations arise.

Saby is set to release his debut album ‘Yahaan’ which is his quintessential project since it summarises his life as a creative and he believes that ‘Yahaan’ is his reincarnation.

Track Listing:

  1. Maana Ke (Gumaan)
  2. Tawaqu'aat
  3. Kya Baat Jo Benaqaub Ho
  4. Raat
  5. Zuhra
  6. Asma
  7. Tere Bina
  8. Pehchaan (feat. Samar Mehdi)
  9. Yahaan