Laptop Stickers for Madras Made

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Min 30

Laptop Stickers for the Chennai Startup Community (Madras Made). Madras Made is a community initiative to map the startup community together, by marking them on a map and making it easier for people to find startups, and the support ecosystem around them. The Madrasmade stickers were designed, voted and printed by the community.

You are welcome to pay whatever you wish for these stickers - the money made (if any) will be used to cover courier costs - of mailing stickers to the startups listed in madrasmade and for printing additional stickers once we run out of the 400 that we print in the first run.

Those of you requesting a sticker via here, can pick up the stickers when attending an Chennai Open Coffee Club meetup or any other event at The Startup Centre.

If you want these stickers mailed to you (within India), add Rs. 15 to the payment

Printed by StickyStamp
Visit the Madras Made Website

Note : Convenience Fee Extra will be levied.