New Venture and Entrepreneurship Consulting

₹ 5,000

New Venture and Entrepreneurship Consulting
Timeslot : One Hour
Mode : In Person / Over Phone
Mentor : Vijay Anand, The Startup Centre
Fee : Rs. 5000 - Convenience Fee Extra will be levied.

You are thinking about setting up a new business. Congratulations!

We understand that at times, figuring out what to do next can be a bit perplexing and we are here to help. Depending on whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur (thinking about becoming an entrepreneur), or an existing entrepreneur who is either trying to change his/her line of business, or want some questions answered - around hiring, scaling up, funding, marketing or the general ecosystem - you are in the right place.

Note : Due to the ongoing situation with the Pandemic, the consultations will be held over Google Meet only till the end of March 2021.


Sessions work by appointment only. Would kindly request you to confirm your timeslot with the concerned person over email beforehand. Payment of the consultation fee is the confirmation of your session.

You will have up to one hour of 1-to-1 interaction, either in person or via phone, to discuss your idea and get feedback, at a time that is of mutual convenience to both sides.

To make the best use of your time, We would strongly recommend that you do some background work on what we do at The Startup Centre, and the answered queries on Quora. We remain fairly active on quora and will answer public questions that are relevant quite frequently. If your question is generic and you believe it will add value to the larger audience, would request you to ask the question on Quora

Topics and conversations discussed during the consultation, remain confidential.


In case of emergencies, you can cancel your appointment, up to 24 hours before the confirmed timing - or can ask for it to be rescheduled - we understand that at times, things happen beyond our control. In case of a no-show, the fee is non-refundable.


The Intent of charging for office hours is to state that time is valuable and knowledge is not free. We come across quite a few entrepreneurs who ask for time (We've been doing this for more than 10 years now) and either come dramatically ill-prepared or don't show up at all, that we find ourselves having to do this. The Intent of this is not to sell our time, but to ensure that you value yours and ours.


Once you make the payment, you will be hearing from my team who will coordinate with you on a time that works mutually for both of us. Look forward to connecting!


This service is intended for those in the Indian Subcontinent only. While we appreciate the interest from elsewhere, startups are greatly influenced by the environment that they are planted in, and our understanding of other ecosystems is limited to give you any informed advice. Also coordinating with those in other timezones has been causing inconveniences, so apologies in advance.