Webinar Archive : Fundraising for Your Startup

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Overview from the Webinar :
You are working on a new startup Idea and you want to understand how Fundraising works and what are the things that investors look for when evaluating startups. Should you even raise funding - you've probably read about bootstrapping but are not sure how it works. What are the legal agreements you need to have in place before you start the process - should you be registered? Do you need a promoters agreement in place? What kind of company should you be registered as?

Should you be registered in India or abroad? What difference does it make? You've been reading about something called Angel Tax. Does it apply and how does it affect you as a company?

Is there any help that you can expect from the Startup India Program?

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The Session was be conducted as a webinar

About the Speaker
Vijay Anand, Known as The Startup Guy has been working with Startups for the Past 14 years. He is the Founder of The Startup Centre - which works with early stage technology entrepreneurs. In his previous role he was the Head of Incubation at RTBI - IIT Madras' Incubator for six odd years. He also founded Proto.in in 2004 which kickstarted the startup movement in India. He has been working with several startups and has seen cycles of fundraising booms and busts to give crystallised advice that comes from experience and understanding of the Investor and entrepreneur mindset.