Webinar Archive : How to Launch a Product (B2B & B2C)

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This is an Archive of the Webinar Session that happened on Sept 29th, 2018.

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Most entrepreneurs make this mistake. They identify an opportunity and then they lock themselves up (along with their team) and crank out an almost perfect solution and then show it to the world.

Then they feel shocked that the world doesn't care and goes on as usual and they are wondering what they did wrong. This is where they will start making a series of unfortunate mistakes - the most common of them all being building more features into the product.

Product Launches are important. You need to make a entrance for those to notice and customers to come to you - since as a startup you wont have the muscle to go out and do marketing yourself.

In this webinar we will talk about a checklist of things that you should do Pre-Launch, During Launch and Post Launch. You'll walk away with a solid to-do that your product marketing team and CEO can work on, while the product is still in its pipeline.