Webinar Archive : How to Sell to the Government

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The Government of India has a smart city program targeting 100 cities that have to be upgraded to world-class status in terms of infrastructure and services. The Estimated Rs. 203, 172 CRORES* worth of projects are being planned and allocated. YES! TWO LAKH CRORES! Yet very few technology startups are truly making a play for that opportunity.

*Source : http://smartcities.gov.in/content/

Most entrepreneurs are not even aware of the opportunity that exists - There is a very good chance you didn't even know about the size of the projects being sanctioned till you read this post. Yet most of this information is public information.

Startup founders expect a simple solution - perhaps as simple as Tweeting to @PMOIndia about the solution they are working on and expect that perhaps there would be a response, or better yet someone reaches out to them. But it doesn't work that way. Then how does it?

This Webinar aims to answer that question.

My Name is Vijay Anand and I am the Founding Partner at The Startup Centre. For the past 14 years I've interacted, partnered and worked with Government departments, agencies and the Government itself (they are all different in nature) through my six years with IIT Madras and then with The Startup Centre.

We will cover the following Key areas :
1. Why worry about The Government?
2. How do I know about the opportunities in the Government?
3. How do I pitch a solution to the Government?
4. What is the process of becoming a vendor for the government - Can a startup even qualify?
5. What should I have in mind when it comes to payments?
6. Can someone who is straightforward even do business with the government?
7. Why companies avoid working with the Government (what to be careful about)
8. Government / Government Agencies / Government Departments - What is the difference?
9. Case studies : Uniphore (a voice biometric company that built information and payment solutions for the government and government agencies) & Tech For Cities (a non-profit effort that is working with the City Corporation)
10. How to plan your timeline - In other Words, Working in Indian Government Standard Time.
11. The Litmus Test : Do you have the temperament to work with the Government
12. Indian Government vs Other Governments