Webinar Archive : How to Structure Your Company

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How To Structure Your Company

We have been covering a series of Topics that Entrepreneurs in the Indian Ecosystem often ask about, but the questions to which the answers are vague and scattered at best.

One of the the questions is around how to Structure a Company in India.

In this Webinar, we will cover the following Topics:
1. How to Choose the Right Structure (Sole Proprietorship vs Partnership vs LLP vs Pvt Ltd)
2. For Profit vs Non Profit
3. Hybrid Models : Social Enterprises
4. Equity vs Debt Funding Models
5. How to Split ownership between CoFounders
6. Structuring ESOPs
7. On Advisory Equity
8. Structuring Your board
9. Accounts & Auditor : Best Practices
10. Signatories and the Process of Financial Control

The Session will cover everything that you would have wanted to know when it comes to structuring the company in the right way, so that you do not face issues in terms of compliances later. This is not the topic that most entrepreneurs talk about actively when discussing startups or starting up but it is one that has deep correlations to your operations and hence this webinar.

About The Speaker
Vijay Anand has been an entrepreneur working in the Startup Ecosystem for the past 14 years and have mentored and groomed dozens of startups. He was the founder of Proto.in - India's first Startup showcase Platform, was the Head of Incubation at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and is now the Managing Partner at The Startup Centre where he actively is involved in mentoring startups and building the startup ecosystem in South India.