Webinar Archive : PR (& Strategy) for Startups

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This is a Recording of the Webinar that happened on August 25th (Saturday). 2018. The Session is archived as a audio file of the session + Slides that was used during the session.

**DESCRIPTION of Webinar **

If you are a startup, You are trying to get the word out as much as possible. You've sent a note to everyone who is following you on whatsapp, facebook and even tried logging into your G+ account to see if anyone is active. No stone has been left unturned.

"Getting the word out" is one of the big burdens that startups face early on. Most startups will not get any PR. And those that too, get one, and then nothing else happens.

The Successful startups you will realise, will keep coming up over and over and over again in the Press, Media and on online blogs.

This Webinar is for entrepreneurs who have their product / service ready and are looking at a launch and want to know how to go about building a relationship with PR so that they are getting consistent coverage.

The Landscape of Media for India vs Global is quite different, so in the interest of time, this webinar will focus ONLY on strategies related to Indian PR / Media.

Topics we covered:
Basics of PR - What IS PR?
Demarcation of PR, Marketing and Sales - and its roles
Thinking Sustainable PR
Tips for building a healthy relationship with the Media
What makes a good Media Plan
Challenges commonly faced in executing a Media Plan
Skillsets that make you a little bit more PR-able.
How to find / reach out to Journalists
How to Pitch a story - without sending a Newswire / Press Release
The PR Toolbox.
Timing your PR / Media Exposure

Who am I?
My name is Vijay Anand and Ive been working with Startups for more than 14 years now. As part of the Initial launch of almost every startup, PR becomes an essential part - and my learning and insights of the Indian Landscape has been through some costly mistakes and a lot of experience (mostly positive). I closely work with a little over 40 odd journalists across the country on a regular basis - and in touch with a little over 120 plus - both for the companies I work with and for the non-profit initiatives I am involved in.

Entrepreneurs and PR Professionals waver wildly from either treating the Media as either being super easy to work with or very difficult - the fact is, Media is an element of the ecosystem - just like a VC firm, that if you understand the role they play, then it makes it all so much easier and the relationship mutually beneficial.

The goal with this webinar is that, if you get a better understanding of this process, we will see better stories on the media and also journalists will have an easier time working with entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. Everyone wins.