Reversing Diabetes Weekend Classes

₹ 2,000

Coming out of diabetes is possible and very much in your hands.

This weekend, take the life-changing step to learn methods to come out of Diabetes.

Welcome to Reversing Diabetes: Live Online Classes

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Days: Saturday/Sunday.
Venue: Your phone or laptop
Price: Rs. 2000 for all classes.

Expected Outcome
• Within 21 days you can see a substantial result
• In 6 months to 1.5 years, you can completely come out of diabetes by customized Kumbhak and Integrated Lifestyle Modifications modules according to your body mechanics.
• Just 30 min practice: You can be protected from all future Diabetes-related complications.

Kumbhak: Methods for Reversing Diabetes
• Specialized breath therapies fine-tuned according to your type.
• Easy to learn, easy to practice.

Integrated Lifestyle Transformation Tools
Step by step methodology to completely transform your lifestyle through incorporating:
• Yama & Niyama (do’s and don’ts for a diabetic)
• Tapas (creating power)
• Dhyana (meditation)
• Unique diet perspective
• Hatha yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda, Panchakarma
• And much more but as required by the individual system.

What you get in the Online Classes:
• Customized Kumbhak module as per your body mechanics.
• Integrated lifestyle transformation module as per your individual body and system.
• Comprehensive detox plan as per your requirement.
• A powerful Tapas to empower you.
• Meditation which is problem specific.
• Natural herbs and Bhasma suggestions initially if and only if required.