Lime in Natural Building - Special workshop June 9-10, 2018.

  • Start Date: June 9, 2018, 9:30 a.m.
  • End Date: June 10, 2018, 5:30 p.m.
  • Venue: Sardarshahar, Rajasthan
₹ 7,500

Thannal Natural Building School introduces its special workshop on Lime, an important Natural Material. After years of research and hands-on learning of Lime in form of Thappi Plaster and Lime Flooring from master mason Dawood Ibrahim Muwal in our projects, we are starting with a workshop dedicated for Lime.
Lime can be used in every part of a building, from Foundation, beams, walls, finishes, flooring and roofing. To build with this long lasting material, one has to understand it about its different types, how to do procurement, preparation, storing and application. As the workshop is coordinated from artisans from Rajasthan, you will be learning about various types of lime applications native to the area.
How is lime used in Foundation and what are the mortar mixes widely used, admixtures in lime, how to cast a plinth beam from Lime Crete will be covered in the workshop. Thappi plaster, flooring and roofing will also be taught, which can be widely seen in the locality.
Thappi is the indigenous wooden tool of Lime application, used in plastering walls and flooring methods native to Rajasthan. After a levelling coat of mud or lime waste or aggregates, a coat of Lime and Surkhi is applied and beaten by using Thappi to facilitate setting of lime. It is finished with Fine coat of Lohi or various other finishes on top. Lohi is quick and simple method. Through this workshop we attempt to revive this traditional method of plastering and flooring, which is time-tested and proven powerful enough through our mud water tanks. We testify to how sand can be avoided (rare and very expensive now), replacing it with Surkhi in contemporary scenario. How to make home-made Surkhi is also coverd.
Sardarshaher is a small town in the heart of Thar desert in Rajasthan, which is gifted with many brilliant lime artisans. It has a number of buildings done in pure Lime plaster. This course will be headed by master masons Dawood Ibrahim Muwal and Abdul Razak Muwal, who have worked with Lime for more than four-decades, on conservation as well as contemporary projects. Thannal seeks to revive the glory of Lime, adorned the walls of many Havelis and huts, and honour talented traditional lime artisans of Rajasthan.
Course Duration
The course duration is two days. You can always stay back for few extra days to practice and learn the technique well after workshop (by paying extra).
Participation is limited to 15-20 participants and will be on a first come first serve manner. We are seeking participants with all levels of experience. Most importantly, applicants should have enthusiasm, a deep willingness to learn, an appreciation for working with their hands and a good attitude!
Workshop Location:
Sardarshaher, Churu District, Rajasthan.
Nearby Railway Stations: Ratangarh, Bikaner, Jaipur.
Nearby Airport: Jaipur and Delhi.
09th and 10th June, 2018.
We will be suggesting various guest houses near to site, where inquires can be made by the participants for accommodation. Accommodation is not included in workshop fee.
Workshop fee:
The workshop fee is Rs.7500/- (Indians) and USD 160/- (foreign nationals) which includes lunch and excludes accommodation and site visit’s travel expenses.
Prepare for the day:
Please see below links for details of things to carry and other matters of concern.
Cancellation/Refund Policy:
If you want to cancel your reservation before 15 days before workshop, we will refund you remaining amount after reducing taxes, if we are able to fill the vacancy with a replacement. Otherwise we will refund you 50% amount paid. You can also retain the amount as credit with us and use for our future workshops.
• It is fine (we encourage) to bring your kids (below 15 years) along with you. Let them play with mud.
• We don't entertain non participants at workshop site during workshop hours, unless it is unavoidable (please let us know in advance).
• Do respect privacy of others when you go visit any nearby sites.
• Participants are advised to get their own head gears and gloves.
• The itinerary is subjective to change as per the site conditions and local weather.
• After payment, kindly fill up the form so that we can know you & help better.
• For queries: <>
• Read more about Dawoodji at

Course Detail:
Introduction to Lime.
Lime Cycle.
Types of Lime.
Storing Lime.
Slaking Lime.
How to make Surkhi at Home?
Application of lime
Foundation using Lime.
Plinth Beam without cement.
Walls with Lime mortar
Plastering in Lime.
Flooring and Roofing using Lime.
Site visit to see and understand the method.