DCA 2nd Sem Internet & E-Commerce Notes in Hindi PDF Syllabus According to Makhanlal University Bhopal

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Syllabus According Questions and Answers Covered
DCA 2nd Sem
Internet & E-commerce


Introduction to Internet-Internet Evolution,Word Wide Web (WWW),Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet/WWW,Internet Vs Intranet,the purpose and function of an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Connectivity – Dialup, Leased line, VSAT,URLs,Portals,Internet Services and Application
E-MAIL- Basics of Sending & Receiving,Free Email servicesProtocols- FTP, DNS, TCP, UDP, HTTP, IP Telnet Concept,Internet chatting- Voice chat, Text chat,Web Servers,Space on Host Server for Website,Web Portals ,Web publishing concepts Domain name registration.


Applications of Internet,Basic Operations using Internet Browser-Working with browsers
View History in Browser,Search Engines,Searching information on Wikipedia,Subscribing and reading newspapers online,Typing text in the regional language- Google input tools Using Google Maps,Working with Google Apps,Online Ticket BookingApply for PAN Card,How to apply for Passport,How to apply Aadhar Card onlinePay electricity bill,Pay Service tax online,Booking gas refill online Downloading eBooks,Create & Using Bookmarks UsingJustDial/quilcr.com/getit.co.in/sulekha.com to find online servicessocial sites,Client server architecture & characteristics Telnet (Remote login concepts) FTP its uses.


HTML-Concepts of Hypertext,Versions of HTML,Elements of HTML,HTML editors,Tags and attributes Syntax,Head & Body Sections Building HTML Documents.Inserting Texts,Images Tag
List & its type,Hyperlinks,Backgrounds And Color Controls,Table Layout and Presentation,Use of Font Size & Attributes,List Types and Its Tags,Use of Frames and Forms in Web Pages HTML
Form and frame Design tools.


JavaScript Overview,Syntax & conventions,Variables Expressions,Branching & Looping statements
Functions,Arrays Objects Events & Document Object Model-onClick, onMouseOver, on Submit, on Focus, on Change, onBlur, onLoad, onUr’ ‘ Alerts, Prompts & Confirms.


Introduction to E-Commerce,Electronic Commerce Framework,Evolution of E-commerce
Advantages and Disadvantage of E-commerce,Introduction, E-organization
Electronic Payment Systems, Electronic Cash, Smart Cards and Credit Card Based,Online Banking, E-Banking, E-Wallet,Risks Online Banking, E-Banking, E-Wallet, E shopping ,E-Marketing: The scope of E-Marketing,M-commerce- introduction, Potential Growth and Future Mobile banking, Paytm, Bhim, UPI app etc.